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Campaign Spotlight: Planning for the seasons: a roadmap for year-round lawn care

Most people consider lawn care a warm-weather task, while realistically, caring for your lawn throughout the year will yield the best results. That’s why we’ve created Planning For The Seasons: A Roadmap For Year-Round Lawn Care Facilitation Campaign.

Help you lawn care clients plan for the seasons with Automated Landscaper Marketing.

Marketing For Your Lawn Care Business

Year-round lawn care includes a variety of tasks, from tending to fallen leaves in the fall, implementing a fertilizing system, creating a watering schedule, to liming and aerating. Run this campaign as a live event, webinar, or Facebook class to share insight with your community about how to care for their lawn throughout the seasons.

As an Automated Landscaper Marketing customer, you can add your own “call to action” so that you can encourage clients to connect with you in the way that you feel most comfortable with—whether that’s visiting your website, sending you an email, or calling your office phone.

Don’t have time to create unique marketing content and attention-grabbing images? We can help! Automated Landscaper Marketing’s library is loaded with digital marketing campaigns created just for landscapers—get started for FREE.


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