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Campaign Spotlight: Landscaping Newsletter

A healthy, cared-for lawn is something that everyone enjoys. That’s why we’ve created a Landscaping Newsletter your clients will love!

Grow you mowing company and offer your services through a newsletter with Automated Landscaper Marketing!

Market Your Lawn Care Business With Email Marketing

Lawncare includes various tasks, from tending to dangerous tree limbs to fertilizing, knowing how much to water, and properly pruning your favorite flowers. Use this newsletter to explain what it takes to keep a lawn looking its best, and share simple tips for supplemental lawn care.

As an Automated Landscaper Marketing customer, you can add your own “call to action,” so that you can encourage clients to connect with you in the way that you feel most comfortable with--whether that’s visiting your website, sending you an email, or calling your office phone.

Don’t have time to create unique marketing content and attention-grabbing images? We can help! Automated Landscaper Marketing’s library is loaded with digital marketing campaigns created just for landscapers—get started for FREE.


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