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Market Your Lawn Care Business Using a Content Library

One of the more seemingly tricky aspects of lawn care marketing is creating a sufficient amount of content and knowing when and how to use it. Having a content library can help you do just that.

With a content library, you will have access to an assortment of marketing strategies ready for you, making posting consistent and relevant material quick and easy. But what does that look like?

Organize your lawn care marketing materials in a content library!

To create a content library, you’ll need to spend many hours, maybe even weeks, creating content to keep in stock for the future. If content creation isn’t your forte, you can hire freelance writers and designers to create materials for your lawn care services while you focus your attention elsewhere in your business (but this option for outsourcing usually costs a pretty penny).

Regardless of how you create your content, having a variety of marketing strategies for your lawn care business will enable you to connect with customers across multiple networks, boost your visibility, reach new leads, AND stay focused on your current clientele, all at once. Whether you are looking to connect with current email contacts or expand your social media following, utilizing a content library is the perfect way to market directly to your lawn care customers.

With content readily available you can easily schedule your marketing efforts in advance. Doing so will ensure you remain top of mind when it comes to raking in new leads and help build loyalty among current clients.

Whether it be educating your customers on essential lawn care services or scheduling helping them with a DIY landscaping project, a content library will provide you with the tools you need to market your lawn care business without all the guesswork!

Automated Landscaper Marketing has a whole content library just for lawn care business owners! Below is an inside look at our done-for-you campaign library that only members can access.

An inside look at ALM's user Dashboard!

On the right you can see a list of different marketing strategy types—we call them campaigns.

An inside look at ALM's user Dashboard!

The search bar located at the top allows you to quickly search for a specific topic.

An inside look at ALM's user Dashboard!

You can preview the campaign content, your unique landing page, and design elements before selecting which strategy you want to launch. Automated Landscaper Marketing provides marketing strategies that can be launched as-is or customized to fit your brand.

Ready to start building your lawn care marketing strategy? Automated Landscaper Marketing provides a preloaded content library right inside our automation software powered by Synduit, making it easy and affordable to search for a specific topic quickly and get your services noticed! Don’t just take our word for it, sign up for a free trial!


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