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Getting Paid For Your Lawn Care Services

5 Ways Your Lawn Care Business Can Benefit From PayPal

Paypal is the most popular online payment option, and 87.5% of online buyers use it to complete a purchase.

Suffice to say, people love using PayPal, and if you’re not already using it your competitors probably are—so what are you waiting for?

Getting paid for your lawn care services just got easier!

In a world that relies on automation, providing your lawn care customers with an automated payment process creates an easy and secure method to collect payment for your services. Luckily, utilizing a digital payment service such as PayPal is easier to incorporate into your business model than you think!

Here are 5 reasons why you too should consider offering alternate payment methods for your lawn care services.

PayPal Is Internationally Trusted

PayPal is recognized worldwide for being a safe and secure payment method for goods and services. With over 210 million registered customers, it is no wonder why it has a reputation for being a reliable service for collecting payments through an online portal. When marketing your lawn care business, it is of utmost importance to have the trust of your customers. Knowing they can make secure payments when they utilize your service will certainly help put them at ease.

It Couldn’t Be Easier

PayPal has been in business for over 22 years and has stood the test of time when it comes to ease and reliability. You can sign up through the PayPal website and subscribe to a Business account in just minutes. Doing so will enable you to connect to your customers and accept payments immediately. With minimal effort your lawn care business will be capable of accepting digital payments, sending invoices, and tracking expenses in no time.

Multiple Payment Options

Utilizing PayPal as a billing service allows your customers flexible payment options. Lawn care clients who have a PayPal account can link any bank or credit card as a form of payment, providing your customers with complete control over how they pay for your service. Additionally, as a secure payment platform utilizing PayPal helps clients feel confident in their decision to utilize your lawn mowing service.

It’s Free to Get Started!

Many alternative payment methods charge business owners to create an account. Many service providers have hidden fees or various levels of accessibility protected by payment walls. PayPal, on the other hand, enables your lawn care business to get started at no cost. Plus, there are no cancellation fees should you choose an alternate method. This means you can invest your time and money into marketing your landscaping services rather than searching for alternative payment options.

Mobile Payments for Landscapers

When marketing your lawn care business, you should be able to spend your time generating income without having to worry about how you will be paid for your services. PayPal accepts payments online or in-person with a PayPal credit card reader providing easy payment access to both you and your clients!

At Automated Landscaper Marketing we understand the importance of having flexible payment options for your lawn care clients, which is why we’ve integrated PayPal services into our automated software. This allows you to charge for and collect payment for any of our premade events! For example, if you’re interested in hosting a Facebook class to homeowners about composting, you can launch our already made content AND charge attendees to participate.

As a member of ALM, you will have access to a preloaded content library packed with done-for-you marketing strategies. Each strategy is ready as-is or can be customized to suit your brand. Plus, we provide the software you need to fully automate your marketing strategy. Our state-of-the-art software is powered by SYNDUIT and allows you to easily pick, edit, and schedule your lawn care marketing content. Check it out during a free trial!


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