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Don’t Make These Social Media Marketing Mistakes With Your Lawn Care Business

For both your personal life and your lawn mowing business, there’s no doubt that social media is a fantastic way to stay connected. However, sometimes it can be challenging to know exactly what to share, especially when your business reputation is on the line!

Landscaper marketing tips

Here are three common social media marketing mistakes made by lawn mowing businesses

that you can avoid (and fix) to give your landscaping and lawn care company a competitive edge.

Mistake #1: Using social media as nothing more than a billboard for announcements

These days, customers expect the businesses they work with to go the extra mile—this means providing them with value BEYOND just the services they offer. If your only social media presence involve

s posting every few months with something like, “Hey everyone, we’re gearing up for XYZ service, book now,” your audience will disengage FAST.

What’s the Fix?

Get into the mind of your customer rather than the mindset of a business owner. Instead of focusing on the updates in YOUR world, take the time to consider what lawn care or landscaping issues your community might be facing and provide information about it!

For example, if winter is approaching, and you live in an area with snow, share some information about how to care for your lawn in the wintertime (like with our Winter Lawn Care Email Series). To sweeten the deal, you might even want to offer a coupon for something like a snow removal seasonal package.

Mistake #2: Hiding your personality and “voice”

For many businesses, it can be challenging to figure out the right balance between sounding like a professional salesperson and sounding like a friend. As a result, many lawn mowing businesses choose to either not say anything at all in the habit of sharing articles, memes, videos, or other

forms of information, make sure that they’re coming from a trustworthy source. When in doubt, do not post.

Mistake #3: Not budgeting for ads

Many businesses abide by the false belief that “if you build it, tough to come by, and the reality of running a business in the current digital marketplace means that if you’re not actively promoting your mowing business, customers and clients won’t find you.

What’s the Fix?

Like it or not, you’ve got competition. This means that buying ads to target your local clientele should be a non-negotiable part of your marketing strategy. Fortunately, social media advertising is about half the price of traditional print ads, which means that even a few dollars a week can go a long way in sharing a message with your target audience.

Not sure how to advertise your lawn business? Start with your logo and a CTA, or call to action. A call to action refers to the next step that you want the person reading your message to take.

Here are a few examples of CTAs you might consider using:

“Sign up for our newsletter and get 25

% off your first service”

“Call us to schedule a free consultation”

“Follow us on Facebook to get tips about caring for your lawn”

Don’t consider yourself much of a sales and marketing person? We have good news! If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to promote a special deal or offer, Automated Landscaper Marketing has promotional campaigns that you can personalize, schedule, and send with the push of a button.

Automated Landscaper Marketing is a software uniquely designed with landscapers and lawn care professionals in mind. We offer everything from fully-designed web pages to fully-written newsletters, social media posts, and marketing emails that are crafted to display you as the landscaping expert you are.

Lawn care business marketing is easy with Automated Landscaper Marketing! Start your free trial today!


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