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Need Help Growing Your Lawn Care Business?

Build a marketing strategy for your business in less time than it takes to mow a lawn with Automated Landscaper Marketing.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1) Pick a campaign

2) Enter your details

3) Publish and launch!

Boost your business in 3 easy steps with Automated Landscaper Marketing

Here’s a little more insight on how Automated Landscaper Marketing works:

1) Choose from our Campaign Library: You choose from our library of pre-written campaigns, where you can pick out anything from an annual newsletter to a promotional campaign or a referral email series to a bundle of 30 social media posts. Each campaign is designed specifically with landscapers and lawn care professionals in mind.

2) Based on the personalized information you’ve provided us about your company, our software populates the marketing content so that it’s tailored to your brand, your name, and your contact information. This information will be set as “default,” but you can also make any edits you’d like, such as adding a promotional deal, new service, or sale you’re running. You can also compose your own custom post, swap out an image, or leave everything just as it is.

3) From here, you’ll verify that everything’s set up the way you want, then either save your draft for later or publish and schedule your campaign for launch!

If you’re ready to do more to satisfy your existing clients and reach new customers, get started with a free trial of Automated Landscaper Marketing today!


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