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5 Affordable AND Effective Marketing Strategies For Your Lawn Mowing Business

Building a marketing plan doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

Having the right tools to grow your lawn care business is essential when creating a cost-effective marketing strategy. Utilizing a service like Automated Landscaper Marketing will allow you to streamline your digital marketing approach so you can focus more of your energy on what matters to you.

Market Yourself with Automated Landscaper Marketing

The following strategies can be used to kickstart your lawn care marketing plan.

1. Consistent Social Media Presence

Social media allows businesses to maintain visibility across multiple platforms and acts as a 24/7 billboard for your services. Additionally, marketing through social media connects you directly to a large audience without additional overhead cost and enables you to communicate with your landscaping customers in real-time. Utilizing a digital marketing service will provide you with the tools necessary to post frequently, increase engagement, and spread awareness about your lawn care services.

2. Email Marketing and Newsletters

Having a monthly newsletter is a fantastic way to keep your customers updated with your lawn care business. Utilizing email communications will also give you the power to create content scheduled well in advance and make sure that your customers are up to date with current promotions and seasonal services.

3. Referral Programs

Happy customers are a valuable marketing asset that your lawn care company can use to your advantage! Word of mouth is powerful, and leads generated by referrals create a longstanding and trustworthy relationship with your customers at a minimal cost. By incentivizing your customers to share their experiences in exchange for a discount on their next service with you, both parties benefit!

4. Promotional Materials

Visually appealing promotional materials are essential for helping you spread the word about upcoming events, promotions, and services you’re offering. Try free platforms like to help you design your very own flyers, banners, business cards, and more!

5. Events and Webinars

In a world of technological advancements, your landscaping company can connect with customers like never before. Hosting in-person events or a scheduled webinar allows you to build rapport with your customers and speak firsthand about your services. Connecting with your clientele in this way ensures a personal experience and helps you build new relationships as you promote your business.

If you don’t have the time or know-how to create engaging social media posts, launch educational events, or market a referral campaign, Automated Landscaper Marketing can help! Explore our robust campaign library or sign up for a FREE trial today!

With Automated Landscaper Marketing’s digital software, you’re in direct control of your business without the costly overhead associated with hiring a marketing team.


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